Virtual Business Cards

The MPWWA Seminar APP allows the exchange of Virtual Business Cards.

Each attendee and exhibitor's attendance badge will have a QR code; by scanning other attendees' badges, you can exchange virtual business cards and seamlessly add them to your mobile device's contacts application.

It is important to note that the virtual business cards feature is entirely optional; users can opt out of it completely, either within the application or by simply not activating it. Activating the Virtual Business Cards is not necessary to use all other mobile app features.

Virtual Business Cards require the use of a smartphone, Android or iPhone. Users activate the application using text messaging, therefore virtual business cards are not supported on tablets. However, all other functions of the Seminar APP can be used with tablets.

To provide and receive Virtual Business Cards, the Seminar APP on your device must be activated. Both parties must activate the feature, the person requesting the Virtual Business Card and the Person providing it.

Activating Virtual Business Cards is done by scanning the QR code on your badge. We will send a text message with a 4-digit activation code to the Mobile Phone Number you provided during the seminar registration. Once you provide this code to the APP, the APP will show you the contact details that will be provided to others. Initially, these contact details are set to those provided during seminar registration but you can edit them anytime using the APP.

If you did not provide a mobile phone number during seminar registration, you can self-register on the Seminar APP. During self-registration, you provide the phone number to sent the activation code to along with other details.

Privacy Settings

During the development of the feature, privacy has been a significant concern.

Three Privacy Settings are available for sharing Virtual Business Cards. During registration, users set the settings but can edit them anytime using the Seminar APP.

  • Available to anyone
    • Other users can access your electronic business card just by scanning your QR code as long as you have activated the App using the QR code on your seminar badge. ‘After Initial authorization’ is the recommended setting for vendors and exhibitors.
  • Available upon request
    • When other users scan your QR code, you will get a Notification in the Seminar APP with the name of the person requesting your business card. Through the Seminar APP, you can either accept or deny the request.
  • Not available.
    • Other users, under no circumstances, can access your business card through your QR code, effectively opting out of the feature entirely.
If you are unsure which setting to go with, we recommend going with ‘Available upon request.’ However, vendors and exhibitors should go with ‘Available to anyone,’ especially if they typically hand out physical business cards.

Technical Details

We use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) using SMS text messaging to activate the Seminar APP.

Available upon request, uses Two Factor Authentication (2FA) through the Seminar APP notifications.

While anyone can download the Seminar App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, you will require a QR code generated by MPWWA to activate the Virtual Business Cards. Therefore, Virtual Business cards are available by invitation only.