Commerical Electronic Messages Consent

The Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) was enacted in 2017. It governs how we, MPWWA, can communicate with our members via electronic methods such as Email.

Emails we send to our members promoting Seminars and advertising Educational opportunities are classified as Commerical Electronic Messages (CEM)

Click the two links above for more details on the CASL and CEM.

The Canadian Anti-Spam Law states we cannot send Commercial Electronic Messages to our members without expressed consent. This means to receive emails from MPWWA; you must tell us you want emails from us. The easiest way to provide the required consent is to complete the Email Signup form on this website's homepage.

If you want to receive emails from MPWWA, we strongly encourage you to complete the Email Signup form on this website's homepage. If you are unsure if you are on our email list, there is no harm in signing up again. Finally, you will not get multiple email messages regardless of how many times you sign up.

MPWWA must maintain a record of when consent was given, and we must be able to prove that anyone receiving our emails has given consent.  Therefore, consent cannot be given verbally.

You may receive an email from MPWWA with instructions on using the Email Signup form. In that email, we do not offer any service or ask permission to send you emails, so it arguably does not fall under the definition of a Commercial Electronic Message and is exempt from Canadian Anti-Spam Law. These emails may be sent directly, not using our bulk email service.

Although the Canadian Anti-Spam Law was enacted in 2017, this has become an issue due to required changes with our bulk email provider and the need to update our email list. The service we use to send bulk emails enforces the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL). We no longer have the option to ignore the CASL. By the way, MailChimp, the provider of the first linked article, is not our bulk email provider. They just had a very good summary of the law.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and I know many people are upset about not receiving emails. However, the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) has provisions for fines over one million dollars that can be applied to individuals, employees and board members. Organizations, individuals, and Bulk email providers can't afford the consequences that can arise from not following the laws that apply.

We will also give you the option to allow MPWWA to add you to our email list on many of the online forms that can be completed on this website. In the future, all interactions with MPWWA that collect email addresses will also collect optional consent to use the email addresses for Commercial Electronic Messages.

Remember, if at any time you no longer wish to receive our  Commercial Electronic Messages, click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any message. Your email address will be marked as unavailable, and we can no longer send any emails to you.  Our bulk email provider provides this link and service; we have no say in this process.


If you have completed the Email Signup and still haven't received our emails, or they end up in your SPAM JUNK mail folders, please see the following article for a possible solution.