Panel Discussion


When Mother Nature's had Enough - Floods & Hurricanes

Join us Monday Morning, 10:30 AM to noon, for a Panel Discussion on the effects of severe weather events on Water and Waste Water Systems.The discussion will be lead by 3 Panellists working in our industry.


The panellist for this discussion are;



Todd Richard is the Director of Public Works for the West Hants Regional Municipality with over 30 years of experience in the Water / Wastewater and Public Works field. Todd is a past graduate of NSCC and Maritime College of Forest Technology. He is past president of the MPWWA and has sat on numerous committees over the years including ACWWA, CWWA along with Operator Certification. Todd has extensive background, experience, training and certification in operations and management in the field of public works, along with having spent many years in the operations of water & wastewater treatment. For the past 9 years Todd has taken on the role of Director and leads his department across many divisions. He is a proven leader who provides visionary change management through collaborative team building, utilization of current technologies and asset management. Todd strives for continuous improvement by empowering teamwork, engagement, motivation and providing his department with the necessary training and resources to succeed.
In 2020, the Town of Windsor and Municipality of West Hants consolidated, during the transition period Todd took on additional responsibilities to be the interim CAO for Windsor, part of a team of professionals to form the new regional municipality.
Todd has been involved in numerous large capital projects including Water and Wastewater Treatment facilities, street & services reconstruction, new municipal building and renovations, sewer collection and water distribution system upgrades.
Currently a major project Todd is leading is the Stormwater Management Plan to design improvements and separate the combined sewer system in a large section of Windsor. The overall goal is to have a phased approach to reduce and or prevent flooding during major storm events that overwhelm the design capacity of the existing infrastructure.


Jerry Villard is currently Senior Infrastructure Technician for the Town of Stratford in PEI. He has been employed by Stratford since 2007 in the Infrastructure Department being responsible for Operation and Maintenance of the water distribution, wastewater collection and wastewater treatment systems. Stratford is a town in the capital region of PEI of over 10,000 residents, with our own groundwater wells, water distribution system and wastewater collection systems. We had our own wastewater treatment lagoon system until April 2021 when we installed a triplex lift station and twin force mains to Charlottetown Wastewater Treatment plant and decommissioned our lagoon system. There is currently a team of 3 Utility Operators that manage the 3 municipal well sites and associated water distribution system, 29 waste water lift stations and associated wastewater collection system, as well as helping the other divisions of the Infrastructure Dept. Jerry has also been involved with the MPWWA since 2008, serving as Secretary and Chairperson as well as Conference Chair when conferences have been held on PEI.
Jerry holds Level 2 certification for Water Distribution, Wastewater Collection and Wastewater Treatment. Jerry’s responsibilities include VTScada system, GE Orbit ECR communication system, PLC systems, electrical and mechanical systems associated with Stratford.

Andrew Garnett is currently the Director of Development and Planning for the Town of Woodstock. Besides this role, over his 27 years in Woodstock he has held a number of positions which include Engineering Technologist, Superintendent of Public Works, Director of Public Works, and Chief Administrating Officer. Working in these positions has benefitted him in doing a better job as the Director of Development and Planning.

His educational background started at NBCC Moncton where in 1994 he graduated in Civil Engineering Technology. Later on, he was able to get his National Advanced Certificate in Local Administrative Authority Level I in 2010 and his Level II in 2011. Lastly, achieving a certificate in Local Government Financial Administration in 2016. Despite the training received, Andrew believes nothing compares to getting out and working with the people hands on.

Andrew has received a number of service and recognition awards in the past that he is very proud of, but still considerations the Art Bell Award he won in 2012 as very dear to his heart since Art Bell was a resident of Woodstock. He lives with his partner of 10 years; Dayna and they have 4 children. They keep busy by renovating an older house which they bought or can generally be found at a hockey rink, basketball court or ball field.

As a proud member of the MPWWA, I was very pleased to have been asked to take part in this panel discussion this morning.

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